SPD B Squad
Series Name: S.P.D/dekarnager
Super Sentai Dekaranger
Power Ranger S.P.D
Reunions   Dino-Thunder
Spd Old Logo

Old S.P.D Logo

Power Ranger SPDEdit

Power Rangers S.P.D or Deka Ranger is about a Team lead by Doggie Cruger know as the Shadow Ranger. The Team consits of Jack (Red Ranger), Sky (Blue Ranger), Bridge (Green Ranger), Z (Yellow Ranger) and Sydney Or Sd (Pink Ranger). Doggie cruger's World was taken over so he decide to brind SPD Back. Spd Started in the Time Force era. Shown In Sky's flashback of his father leaving SPD. All The Rangers Parents Were Power Rangers but the squad never knew until the episode called SAM Part 2. Sky knew already, Sky's Father was the red time force ranger but was killed in a episode near the end, he was known as Alex, But in SPD, Sky's Flashback It says He LEFT S.P.D, it is very confusing. A scientist called KAT was the head cheif of the scientist Like Boom. Kat was also a ranger but that was shown a bit later, Kat was an amazing assistant turning the SPD head Quater into a Megazord. S.P.D Has lots of history It started before the Time force era. Doggie Cruger and More of his Kind were the First offical SPD. SPD has lots of spieces like monkeys, apes and kats also Humans of course. S.P.D stands For Space.Patrol.Delta The dots repesents the spaces.

Arrival Of The Omega RangerEdit

Soon A mysterious shiney light is found in SPD Head Quaters. But Then They here a voice. The Spd squard are very confused on who it is but then he reviles himself and says he is Sam From the future, Sam when he was Younger had a special power like the power rangers. Z confinsed him To Join SPD Acadamy and he passed in the future making him the Offical Omega Ranger there is not alot about Sam in the acadamy. Sam was detemanted to become a power ranger.
Sam child

Sam looking at Z

Arrival Of The Shadow RangerEdit

The shadow ranger is Doggie cruger, He Raged becaude of his home world taken over and the old enemy arrives. His morther was made by Kat. He named Himself the Shadow Ranger, his weapon is a Sword called the Shadow Saber. Jack Wanted the Shadow saber. With His Shadow saber he took Down his old enemy and saved Kat from a bomb belt. Jack wanted the Saber and Cruger gave it but he gave him a Fake just to prove that it isn't the swordship, its the swordsmenship, and so Cruger proved to Jack he Didn't need the Shadow Saber. But Jack's training  as a Swordsmen contiunes.  

Shadow ranger

Dino ThunderEdit

In the Dino Thunder era they are kipnapped into the future, The time when S.P.D started. They went in time to 2052 the time SPD Was Around. They were in 2052 to assit S.P.D but only Z, Jack and Bridge. But later Tommy (Black dino Ranger) comes out of no were and starts to attack the alien troppers then the SPD team morth and so does the rest of the Dino Team. 

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