Mighty MorphinEdit

Mighty Morphin is about 5 teenagers with attuded that has be chosen by destany to become the Power Rangers. The first Power Rangers was In fact Mighty Morphin This Series Continued in Zeo With new People to replace the Others But Some have returned. Like Billy and Jason. Billy was the genines out of all of them helping the Robot They were Teleported to The head Quaters Of the Ranger. With Zordan as ther Leader. 

Series MightyMorphin
Super Sentai ???
Power Rangers MightyMorphin
Reuions None

During the Last episode of mighty Morphin the Base was destoryed by Lord Zedd which Lead up to Zeo Power Rangers . The Rangers were Also trained into becoming Ninja by a robot that is shown in Power Ranger Alien Rangers, possibly the commander.

Green RangerEdit

The green Ranger was infact Tommy But he was kipnapped and was  the enemys Power Ranger. His Mission was to destory the Rangers But failed. He joined the rangers when he was  deafted by Jason and the others. But His Powers were limited. Soon his powers disappearded and he was a norma human again. Until Zordan Made him The White ranger. The white and green had the same zords, the Dragon Zord 

Red Ranger and Green Ranger Fighting

White RangerEdit

The White ranger was the Green ranger. Zordan gave Tommy powers to be the White ranger.

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