Series: Zeo/Ohranger
Super Sentai: OhRanger
Power Rangers Zeo
Reuion None


After the mighty Morphin Base being destroyed the Rangers had no more base But Tommy (White and Green Mighty morphin) Found a piece of the base amd it teleported them to the new base with New Morthers. Zordon Interdused them to the Zeo Rangers. They took there Morthers and mothered into The ZEO Rangers. The Helmets Of The Rangers Have shapes on it such as the Start, The minus, and the Equals. This show was contiuned in Power rangers Turbo with new Heros. Billy (Blue Mighty morphin stayed he was the only mighty morphin ranger there espcally Tommy.

Gold RangerEdit

As a old friend returning from mighty morphin, he was chosen to become the gold ranger. It Was jason thered mighty morphin ranger. He has a Spear with the shape on his helmet.

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